Yes, but it depends on your watch collection and wearing habits. A watch winder is good for people with multiple automatic watches they don’t wear often. The watch winder will keep the watch running, reducing the need to manually wind or reset it. 

In addition, watch winders reduces the risk of any damage when you are not wearing the wristwatch. The most important feature of a watch winder is that it helps the wristwatch to always be in optimal condition. Read and learn what to consider before you buy a watch winder.


Before you buy a watch winder, you need to know the number of watches you want to wind simultaneously. Based on this, your preference of watch winder should be single, double, triple, quad, etc. Therefore, the type of watch winder you buy should be based on the automatic wristwatches you want to wind. 

watch winder

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Size and fit

Another thing to consider before buying a watch winder is the size and fit. Making sure that the watch winder has enough space is important. Also, it should have a good fitting and it hold the wristwatches well. In other words, it should firmly hold your wristwatch so it doesn’t get damaged. If the watch winder doesn’t hold the timepiece firmly, it may slip and fall.

Power source

The power source of the watch winder should be considered. Some models are designed to use batteries, while others use an AC adapter. Meanwhile, most people prefer the ones that use AC adapters.

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A watch winder is an important storage accessory for automatic wristwatches. Before buying one, consider the noise level, durability, rotation setting, and other factors. The cost doesn’t necessarily indicate durability. Look for a watch winder with good reviews before you buy.