Children at the age of five are approaching the threshold of senior preschool age, but still need the play activities that are familiar to them. As boys grow older, the game takes on a new character. And it seems that in the children’s toys library there are still the same toys, but the level of play activity is changing. Boys act out whole plot stories, for which they draw inspiration from real life. Boys toys should be selected according to age. What toys for a 5 year old boy to choose?


constructor in children room

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This is perhaps the longest list. Today in children’s stores you can find various sets: electronic, electromechanical, block, screw, metal, wooden, movable, geometric, ceramic, creative, plastic, magnetic. And also construction sets with soft parts, block-electronic, LED, solar-powered, scientific. By the way, some girls like constructors too, many of them prefer such toys to dolls.


Cars, mechanisms are partially inertial, radio-controlled, anti-gravity, mechanical models are also great. This can include toys with a remote control, solar batteries, with light and sound effects, upside-down machines, a series of robotic machines, transforming machines, and construction machines, which the kids will definitely like. 

Board games

girl playing in constructor

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Board games such as: hockey, football, air football, basketball, “walkers”, “battleship” are a good choice. At least not just kids play these games. Fathers and grandfathers do not have to wait long; they will definitely accept the invitation to fight on the green field or in the ice arena. Girls play board games with pleasure too, if you have a boy and a girl, it is not necessary to find only girls toys or boys ones – buy a board game! 
But you can choose a toy for your boy by talking with him, finding out what the child likes and what his preferences are.