A small canopy over the entrance to the store can become an additional element of advertising, attracting customers, both on clear days and in bad weather.

The main functions of the canopies over the entrance to the store

The canopy from Shade ‘N Net over the entrance to the store can perform several functions at once:

  • protect from bad weather, precipitation or icicles in winter;
  • provide shade on hot sunny days;
  • attract attention to the store or supermarket.
main functions of the canopies

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

As an element of the exterior design, the canopy should have an original and attractive appearance and at the same time meet certain requirements. First, it should fit into the overall design of the building, and second, despite this, it should stand out from the general background, focusing on the entrance group to the retail space or the name of the store. Therefore, when designing the type of canopy, it is necessary to take into account the design features, technical characteristics of the building where it will be installed, and the overall design.

Types of canopies and canopies over the entrance to the store

According to the method of fastening, there are hinged and support canopies. However, a much greater variety lies in the types of structures and design.

support canopies

Photo by Dids from Pexels

A canopy over the entrance to the store with a lean–to roof is one of the most common and budget options. The main advantage is the ease of installation. Its complicated version is a gable canopy, better protects from oblique downpours. The dome-shaped visor is more aesthetic. This type of canopy suggests small French shops on the streets of Montmartre, but it is more complex in design and manufacture. To make an entrance to the store with an arched canopy means to design a universal entrance group that will easily fit into any design. One of the best in terms of price-quality ratio is a direct canopy with a valance. Click here and see what they are and you will definitely find a suitable one for yourself.

The canopy will be a great addition to the store, which will attract the attention of customers.