Marble tables can organically fit into almost any interior, regardless of its purpose. Such versatility is achieved thanks to the aristocracy of this natural material and its sufficient attractiveness. Marble Coffee Table is made on the basis of natural marble, it looks very luxurious and stylish. OIXDESIGN can offer you some great models. This fittings are characterized by long service life, even if only their countertop is made of natural stone. Due to the strength of the material, the table can withstand the heaviest weight.

The undoubted advantages of marble tables include:

  • The stone has a unique texture, and its repetitions are not found in nature;
  • Marble can easily withstand a humid environment and overheated space (without direct contact);
  • The material of manufacture has an extended service life with proper handling;
  • Nature has “provided” for a wide variety of colors, patterns and shades;
  • Coffee table made from such a hard mineral and Travertine Coffee Table easily fit into any interior – from classic to high-tech.
PeaPod Coffee Table Set-Carrara Marble

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Moreover, to the advantages above OIXDESIGN adds a few more:

  • Compliance with the company’s basic principles: SwiftAssembly, EasyMove, Mobility, Portability.
  • Eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment, are safe for health and do not contain harmful substances during the production process.
  • All units of goods are available for purchase and delivery is carried out at the expense of the seller – that is, absolutely free!
  • The furniture is prefabricated, which means that it does not take up much space until it is assembled.
  • The furniture has a wireless charger, which makes it tech-savvy. Not every manufacturer can boast of such products.
RoundHaven Coffee Table Set-Emperador Marble

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Usually, the stone texture of the objects in question in a home interior is emphasized by setting up proper lighting – this is the easiest way to emphasize their conceptuality and individuality. Tables can be used both as stands for decorative purposes and as practical kitchen equipment.